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Did you know that the vibrant city of Brisbane offers over 420 parks and natural areas where BBQ enthusiasts can enjoy a barbeque? With stunning outdoor spots like Roma Street Parkland and South Bank to enjoy, and numerous BBQ shops and stores, the city is a BBQ lover's haven.

BBQs at home can be just as much fun and even more convenient. Just lift the lid on CROSSRAY’s infrared technology, distinctive styling and intelligent features and you’ll be serving up dishes that are ideal for grand celebrations and cosy gatherings alike, from the comfort of your very own outdoor kitchen. Our range caters to every outdoor cooking need.

Crossray BBQ

Outdoor Kitchens Brisbane

CROSSRAY's range of outdoor kitchens is ideal for seasoned BBQ wizards or those just starting their BBQ adventures in Brisbane. Our versatile design transforms your BBQ into a pizza oven, long-slow smoking oven, conventional grill and a traditional wood-fired stove.

Our revolutionary surface combustion gas infrared burners ensure even heat distribution making it easier to dish up hotter and juicier dishes.

Common Features

Outdoor Kitchen BBQ Benchtop

Sintered stone benchtops that are extremely durable and robust and fully UV

Protected Cabinets

Corrosion-resistant cabinetry that is zinc-coated

Outdoor Electric Kitchen BBQ Benchtop

Flush-mounted surfaces

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Adjustable feet, castor wheels and front kickboard included

Electric BBQ Temperature

Easy temperature control

Build your Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

CROSSRAY is the only BBQ that can provide controllable even heat from 110°C to nearly 400°C, using 50% less gas than other outdoor kitchens. Ready to create an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for you and your family?

Choose between any of the following and customise your very own outdoor kitchen to your needs.

With a coveted Good Design Award for outstanding product design and innovation, CROSSRAY offers the robust yet sleek outdoor kitchen that will make your house a home.

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Ready to turn on the heat?

With advanced features, CROSSRAY empowers every BBQ enthusiast to achieve professional-quality cooking. Savour the flavour of a home-cooked BBQ from your very own outdoor kitchen.