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10 years of research and development

Crossray BBQ

The design challenge was to create something “NEW” in the BBQ market: redefining a BBQ to perform like cooking over a bed of red hot coals; providing even heat without flare-ups and to be a true multi-functional outdoor cooking appliance, that produces tastier and juicier food, and so easy. 

This is achieved using patented infrared cooking technology and includes both gas and electric versions, in portable, in-built and outdoor kitchen options.

Even cooking

For the Gas BBQ range, CROSSRAY uses angled side burners that are built into the BBQ. They are surface combustion ceramic burners and located close to the grill, which enables a very high surface temperature to be achieved. Additionally, there are no large flames, which results in significantly less gas usage (up to 50% less). Also, the CROSSRAY burners provide complete and even coverage over the entire cooking surface, so you no longer need to worry about constantly moving the food around due to hot and cold spots. Please refer to the below heat maps for tested data.

Each BBQ is supplied as standard with grill plates. The unique and patented design of the grill plates provides protection to the burners from direct overhead fat drip and splatter, which results in less smoke and dangerous flare-ups. Hotplates are also available as an optional accessory. With less flare-ups, cooking with a CROSSRAY is much more enjoyable.

CROSSRAY gas BBQ’s are the only BBQ that can provide controllable, even heat from 140°C (4 burner models) to 350°C+, while using 50% less gas than a conventional BBQ. As it’s just like cooking over read hot coals, food cooks more evenly and stays moist and juicier.

For the Electric BBQ, these features are achieved using dual high-intensity infrared electric elements. These have a wound carbon-filament internal element and located close to the cooking surface for maximum output.

Key Advantages of CROSSRAY infrared BBQ’s

Gas BBQ Infrared 2

High, even heat

Patented angled infrared burners, provides High, Even heat, which is fully controllable

Gas BBQ Infrared Cooking Grid

Less flare ups

The design of the grills plates provides overhead protection from direct fat drip & splatter, resulting in significantly less flare-ups

More Space to BBQ

More space

Gas BBQ’s are supplied with an upper-level cooking area, which provides 60% extra cooking space (this is much more than a warming rack)

Even Jucier BBQ

Even juicier

Infrared technology is just like cooking over red hot coals. Cooks evenly, keeping food moist and juicy – you can really taste the difference

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Patented and proven Infrared Technology


Heats up quickly and cooks the food evenly with no Hot & Cold spots


Gas range grill is virtually self-cleaning, which significantly reduces clean-up.


Perfect for all food types, from low & slow to a true pizza oven (max 300°C for electric & 350°C+ for the gas)


Significant reduction in flare ups on a gas BBQ, as the burners are protected from direct overhead splatter


Intensity and quality of charcoal with the convenience and control of gas or plug-in electric

Award Design

Cooking with infrared technology is different to cooking with traditional BBQ’s. It may take a few cooks to perfect it, but once you experience it, you will never go back.

The ability to cook at higher temperatures does not mean that you burn your food. CROSSRAY cooks evenly from inside out, while traditional BBQ’s tend to burn the outside of the food, while leaving the inside uncooked. As it cooks food more evenly, it does so much quicker, leading to a faster cook, and using significantly less gas and electricity.


Even Heat Distribution. No Hot & Cold spots.

The high-intensity infrared burners produce high, even heat distribution over the cooking surface. This addresses the problem of hot & cold spots with traditional BBQ’s

The below heat maps show a CROSSRAY gas and electric BBQ output, compared to traditional BBQ’s. 









Jackaroo-6B Crossray-4B


Webber-Pulse Crossray-Electric


Temperatures are measured on the surface of the BBQ grill. All units were pre-heated on High for 15 minutes with the lid down, then tested, using a temperature probe. Ambient temperature was approx. 18°C. The gas models tested are CROSSRAY TCS4PL and JACKEROO SS Series. The electric models tested were CROSSRAY TCE15F and Weber Pulse 1000.

Key Features

Infrared BBQ

Infrared Technology

Patented and proven infrared technology means the CROSSRAY® delivers wonderful, intense heat like red hot coals – food is tastier and juicier

Gas BBQ Infrared Cooking Grid

Easy to use

From patties to pizzas, vegetables to veal, or fish to eye fillet, BBQing has never been easier or more fun. Cook from Low n’ Slow at 140°C (4B gas) to pizzas at 350°C.

High Quality Control Knobs

Total control

CROSSRAY’s angled infrared ceramic burners use significantly less gas and give you ‘whole-BBQ’ temperature control, with significantly less flare up and less smoke.

Self Cleaning Grill

Self cleaning

For gas models, the closest thing to self-cleaning grille plates you can get. After use, run on HIGH for 5-10 minutes to significantly reduce clean-up, food residue is simply burnt off.

Quality Stainless Steel


CROSSRAY® heats up quickly and the infrared technology cooks food evenly with no ‘hot & cold spots’ – reducing cooking time.

Multi Purpose


BBQ, Grill, Pizza & Outdoor Oven, Smoker, Low n’ Slow – CROSSRAY® is the only appliance you’ll ever need.

Superb Results

Superb results

CROSSRAY® gives you expert, professional results for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience.

More Space to BBQ

Large cooking area

The 2-piece upper level is a true additional cooking area, ideal for roasting large meats, fish, vegetables, and pizza – providing an extra 60% of cooking surface.


"At the price point, I consider it pretty close to perfect. It heats up quick, isn't prone to flare-ups and delivers a strong radiant heat that nicely sears and cooks any food that I have used it for."


"This BBQ Gets hot and fast giving an excellent steak searing. I have cooked for a large number of people and as it cooks so quickly the food is on and off with minimal waiting. Guests impressed with the speed and succulency this BBQ delivers astonishing even my die hard Webber friends."


"Cooks food beautifully and quickly, was most impressed with the quality and design."

James B

"It is a high-quality product that is brilliant to cook with, the cooking process is a little different but when you get used to it, it cooks beautifully and quickly."

Ray H

"The CROSSRAY BBQ is exactly as they said i.e. quick, even heat, easy to clean and a joy to cook on"

The Thompsons

"From the start the experience of buying and using the CROSSRAY BBQ was divine. I ordered direct from CROSSRAY in Melbourne after discussing the workings and benefits with the staff there. It was delivered seamlessly the NEXT DAY to Sydney. Wow!"