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recipes for your CROSSRAY

BBQing has never been easier!

Crossray BBQ

Check out these Step-by-Step Instructional videos to see how easy the CROSSRAY gas BBQ is to use, to prepare your favourite meals to perfection.


Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables, the CROSSRAY way

BBQ Grilled Vegetables



Grilled Salmon

Whole Fish


Butterfly Chicken


Chicken Drumsticks

BBQ Harissa Chicken


Porterhouse Steaks

Lamb Cutlets


Pork Neck

Meats done to perfection

Smoke it Low ‘n Slow

The Perfect Chop

Special Meals

Bacon & Eggs


Pizza on a BBQ


"At the price point, I consider it pretty close to perfect. It heats up quick, isn't prone to flare-ups and delivers a strong radiant heat that nicely sears and cooks any food that I have used it for."


"This BBQ Gets hot and fast giving an excellent steak searing. I have cooked for a large number of people and as it cooks so quickly the food is on and off with minimal waiting. Guests impressed with the speed and succulency this BBQ delivers astonishing even my die hard Webber friends."


"Cooks food beautifully and quickly, was most impressed with the quality and design."

James B

"It is a high-quality product that is brilliant to cook with, the cooking process is a little different but when you get used to it, it cooks beautifully and quickly."

Ray H

"The CROSSRAY BBQ is exactly as they said i.e. quick, even heat, easy to clean and a joy to cook on"

The Thompsons

"From the start the experience of buying and using the CROSSRAY BBQ was divine. I ordered direct from CROSSRAY in Melbourne after discussing the workings and benefits with the staff there. It was delivered seamlessly the NEXT DAY to Sydney. Wow!"