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What tools do I need to assemble the CROSSRAY?

A standard Phillips Head screwdriver and Adjustable spanner are required for assembly. A protective coating will need to be removed from some parts prior to assembly and we recommend that assembly takes place on the cardboard packaging to protect parts from damage.

Can I assemble the BBQ by myself?

It is possible for one person to assemble the BBQ, but we recommend assistance when attaching the Pre-Assembled BBQ Body to the DIY Trolley Assembly.

What is supplied as standard with the gas BBQ?

BBQ Body, Trolley & Side Shelves (for the free-standing models), 2 x Warming Racks and Cooking Grill plates (3 grill plates for the 4B and 2 grill plates for the 2B BBQ), Hot Plates, Rotisserie Kits, Outdoor Vinyl Covers and Natural Gas Conversion Kits are all optional accessories. 


Can it be used in a coastal area?

Yes, the CROSSRAY can be used in coastal areas but - as with any outdoor product - continual care and maintenance is important. The CROSSRAY gas BBQ is made from premium grade 304 stainless steel, but corrosion blemishes known as ‘Tea Staining’ can occur in coastal areas if residue is not removed. Keeping the BBQ covered from the elements is another way to keep the BBQ in pristine condition. Salt build up in coastal locations should be removed at least every 2 weeks.

What is the difference between an infrared burner and a traditional gas burner?

Infrared technology has many advantages over the traditional gas burner. Infrared burners heat quicker and provide a more intense, even, and precise controllable heat across the entire cooking surface. The CROSSRAY produces a more powerful intense heat despite using 50% less gas than a traditional gas BBQ.


How long is the Warranty?

The warranty period is two-years from the date of purchase for all BBQ’s. The accessories are covered by a 12-month warranty. Details on the items covered by warranty can be found in the CROSSRAY Manual. 

What do I need to do to convert the CROSSRAY LPG BBQ to a natural gas connection?

All BBQ’s are supplied for bottled LPG use as standard. To convert the BBQ to Natural gas, first you will need to purchase a Natural Gas Conversion Kit – TCS4AC-003. 

Natural gas connection must be carried out by a registered Gas Fitter/Plumber in accordance with Installation Code AS/NZS 5601. Please ensure the Gas Fitter/Plumber issues a Compliance Certificate to avoid issues with Warranty.

What is the length and diameter of the hose in the Natural Gas Conversion Kit?

The Natural Gas Conversion Kit includes a 300mm non-braided hose – AS/NZS 1869 approved – fitted to a Natural Gas Regulator. The regulator outlet is a 5/8" UNF adapter that should be removed if using a bayonet hose, the regulator outlet is ½" BSP, compatible with the ½” BSPT hose fitting.

Do I need electricity to run any features on the CROSSRAY Gas BBQ?

No, you do not need an electricity supply. The LED lights on the control knobs and electronic ignition are battery powered. 

What battery is required for the LED BBQ lights?

Use a AAA battery. LED lights are only found on the 2 burner BBQ models.

What size and weight are the CROSSRAY BBQs and what size is the cooking surface?
Two-Burner In-Built

Overall Size 635mm x 505mm x 560mm
Cooking Areas Grill 2736cm2 Racks 912cm2 Total 3648cm2

Weight 28kgs

Two-Burner Trolley

Overall Size 1410mm x 505mm x 1255mm

Cooking Areas Grill 2736cm2 Racks 912cm2 Total 3648cm2

Weight 38kgs

Four-Burner In-Built

Overall Size 910mm x 505mm x 560mm

Cooking Areas Grill 3311cm2 Racks 912cm2 Total 54742

Weight 33kgs

Four-Burner Trolley

Overall Size 1684mm x 505mm x 1255mm

Cooking Areas Grill 3311cm2 Racks 912cm2 Total 5474cm2

Weight 48kgs

How sturdy is the Gas CROSSRAY – what materials is it made of?

No corners have been cut in the design of the CROSSRAY with rear body panels, lid, side shelves and trolley doors all made from premium grade 304 stainless steel. The side and end panels are made from die-cast aluminium. 

How long do the burners last and can I buy replacement ones if needed?

You will expect to get many years of operation from your CROSSRAY ceramic burner, and they are not considered a component that will require regular replacement or maintenance.

If a replacement ceramic burner is required, they can be purchased directly from Thermofilm by calling 9562-3455 or via email at sales@thermofilm.com.au

Electric BBQs

What happens if I forget to switch it off at the wall?

We have designed the Portable Electric BBQ with dual safety features to keep you, your family, and your property safe. As standard the BBQ comes complete with a 120-Minute Safety Timer and a 300°C Temperature Overload – so will turn itself off after it has run for the pre-set amount of time or reaches maximum temperature. 

Am I restricted in what I can cook on the Portable Electric BBQ?

The Portable Electric BBQ has carbon-fibre infrared elements that produce significantly higher output than its competitors, so offer market-leading lid-up or lid-down cooking. Plug-in and preheat to cook sizzling thick seared steaks or close the double-skinned lid to roast larger meats.

Do I need a special power-outlet installed to run the appliance?

No, the Portable Electric BBQ runs off the standard domestic supply of 240V/50Hz so a standard installation is all you need to get maximum output from the appliance.

Can I remove the Portable Electric BBQ from the Trolley and Kitchen versions of the product?

Yes. If the trolley or kitchen unit is not required in certain cooking scenarios, the Portable Electric BBQ can be detached from its housing and used as an independent unit. A flat and stable surface – such as a table or bench - is required if the unit is to be used independently.    

Outdoor Kitchens

What are the benchtops made of and what options are available to me?

The benchtops on either side of the CROSSRAY BBQ are made of a stylish but sturdy 60mm composite stone (MgO) with concrete effect. Solid flat-top benchtops and optional benchtops with sinks are both available at the time of purchase or if a change of design is required at a later date.

How are the kitchen cabinets supplied?

All kitchen cabinets are supplied flat-packed for easy DIY assembly. The installation process is a relatively easy process. Please follow the Installation instructions supplied with the outdoor kitchen or on the CROSSRSAY website. All cabinets are supplied with castor wheels/feet as standards. For a permanent installation, engage the feet at the bottom of the cabinets to ensure there is no movement in the kitchen.

Is a tap included? If I do install a benchtop sink on my outdoor kitchen then what are my options for water supply to the unit?

The benchtop with sink includes a hole to fit a tap, but does not include a tap. We have supplied it this way so that we can purchase your preferred tap, based on your preference of style & colour and décor. 

To have a permanent water supply, a licensed plumber is required to connect the unit to your property’s mains water supply and also waste discharged. Your plumber will need to install this according to local regulations.

How do I gain access to the main drip tray on the built-in unit of the CROSSRAY?

The 4 burner BBQ has a full-length tray which is accessed at the front of the BBQ. This is simple pulled-out from the front. The 2-burner model has a drip tray that is accessed at the front left hand side of the BBQ. A secondary tray on this model is also accessed at the back of th BBQ or internally by removing the grill plates.



Is the BBQ easy to clean?

The CROSSRAY gas BBQ is the closest thing you will see to a self-cleaning BBQ. Simply scrape and brush away remaining food scraps and turn all burners to HIGH. Close the lid for 10 minutes and the CROSSRAY will do the rest – burning away most food residue on the grill plates.

Why is there a significant reduction in flare-ups?

The infrared burners are mounted at the front and back of the BBQ and the design of the grill plates ensures that there is reduced dripping of fats and oils directly onto the burners. This reduces smoke and flare-ups that char food and leave the inside uncooked.

What impact will the infrared burners have on my cooking experience?

You will notice immediately that infrared burners heat up to the required heat setting almost instantaneously, meaning cooking can take place much earlier than a traditional gas BBQ. The infrared burners provide a cooking experience that closely imitates cooking over a bed of red-hot charcoal…producing tastier and juicer food.    

How is the BBQ temperature controlled?

The CROSSRAY gas BBQ has laterally mounted ceramic infrared burners – left front/back and right front/back – which can all be controlled independently in a full range from low to high temperature. This gives the user the ability to compartmentalise the cooking of different food products or, alternatively, have all burners set to the same setting for complete even heat across the entire cooking surface. For recommended temperature and heat settings, please refer to the CROSSRAY User Guide.

Can I get the temperature to a low level for low and slow cooking?

The CROSSRAY has laterally mounted ceramic infrared burners – front/back – which can all be controlled independently in a full range from low to high temperature. If you really enjoying cooking low n slow on a regular basis, we would recommend the 4 burner model, as this will give you better control over the temperature and more range, compared to the 2 burner model. The 4-burner model gives the CROSSRAY the ability to cook low and slow at 110°C or be cranked up to its high-end temperature of 380°C. For a consistently low temperature, we recommend the use of 1-2 hotplate on the 4 burner BBQ, in-lieu of the grill plates. Please refer to the User Guide for more information on the low n slow setting.

Because the CROSSRAY gets to such high temperatures, does it mean that you burn food?

The great benefit of infrared burners is that the intense heat penetrates the food, not only reducing cooking time but keeping food juicy and full of flavour. A traditional gas burner will dry food at high temperatures while the CROSSRAY keeps the flavour locked in.

What can the upper cooking racks be used for?

The two-piece upper level is a true additional cooking area, ideal for roasting large meats such as chicken, beef, and ribs and provide an extra 60% of cooking surface for closed-lid cooking. Also really great for vegetables, seafood and even sausages. The racks can also be used as a warming rack for open-lid BBQ cooking. 

Does BBQ come with a Cookbook?

A detailed User Guide – outlining food types, temperature settings and cooking times - has been produced by the team at CROSSRAY and can be downloaded here.

Can I cook with the lid both up and down?

Yes, due to the infrared burners, you can cook with both the lid up down. Lid up cooking can be used when grilling & searing steaks, chops, sausages, vegetables etc on the bottom grill, along with large meats on the rotisserie. Lid down for an endless range of dishes including low n slow meats, vegetables, seafood and larger meat cuts, on both the bottom grill and top rack.

Do I need a side-burner?

You do not need an extra side burner, because all cooking that is normally done on a side burner can be performed on the CROSSRAY grill plates directly. You can simply use a pan or wok directly onto the grill plates. This includes stir-fry in a wok, and foods like bacon & eggs, hamburgers, paella and risotto in a pan.

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