CROSSRAY 4 Burner Series Outdoor Kitchens


The new CROSSRAY 4B Series sets a new standard for outdoor kitchens, if you are looking for a high-end outdoor cooking experience, without the price tag. Black powder coated cabinets provide the perfect platform for the substantial 60mm composite benchtop that is supplied as standard with all kitchens. Designed to perfectly match the award-winning 4 burner CROSSRAY in-built infrared gas BBQ, it is ideal if you love cooking and entertaining outdoors, in style. With a wide variety of options and inclusions to choose from, you can find an outdoor kitchen that is perfect for you and your outdoor area.


  • Includes a CROSSRAY in-built BBQ model TCS4FL with 4 infrared burners
  • Substantial 60mm composite benchtop as standard on all kitchens
  • Cabinetry designed to custom fit your Award-winning CROSSRAY BBQ. Plenty of preparation and storage space available.
  • Side kickboards are included free of charge
  • Multiple options to choose from, including double side cabinets, flat benchtops, moulded sink & cover, fridge**
  • Flat pack for easy DIY assembly
  • BBQ in world-class 304SS stainless steel construction, controllable even heat from 140°C to 350°C+ and huge cooking area with secondary upper-level cooking zone
  • Adjustable feet & castor wheels included.
  • LPG as standard, but convertible to natural gas.

** Note: Unit with sink available. Fridge handle on left, hinge on right (not as per image)

Configure your CROSSRAY outdoor kitchen below

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CROSSRAY Outdoor Kitchen Options

4 Burner Gas Kitchen


Double side cabinets with flat bench tops.

4 Burner Gas Outdoor Kitchen Sink


Double side cabinets with 1 x flat bench top (L) 1 x sink (R). Kickboard not included.

4 Burner Gas Kitchen Fridge


Double side cabinets with flat bench tops and single fridge (L). Kickboard not included.

4 Burner Gas Kitchen Fridge Sink


Double side cabinets  1 x flat bench top and single fridge (L) and 1 x sink (R). Tap not included.

Outdoor Kitchen Bench Top

60mm solid composite benchtops (concrete effect)

Cabinets designed to fit the Crossray BBQ

Cabinetry designed to custom fit the Award-winning CROSSRAY Built-In BBQ

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

Side cabinets with double skin doors offer plenty of storage space

Kitchen Cabinet with Fridge

Multiple options available, including flat benchtops, moulded sink and single fridge

All CROSSRAY BBQ’s come with grill plates as standards


Dimensions & Cooking Area

2720mm (W) x 615mm D) x 900mm (H)

Cooking area 5382cm2

  • Cabinets: Black powder coated steel. Doors double skinned, black powder coated with magnetic closure
  • Benchtop: 60mm solid composite (MgO), concrete effect
  • BBQ: 304SS front/read body panels & hood. Die cast aluminium side and end panels

Includes model TCS4FL In-Built BBQ, 4 x CROSSRAY Burners, total 52MJ/hr





Hotplate (for CROSSRAY Gas BBQ) made from Ceramic coated cast iron

The optional hotplate is perfect when you are cooking foods preferred on a flat plate such as bacon & eggs, vegetables, hamburgers etc. Simply use in place of the grill plate. Required when using a smoker box and also assists with low n’ slow cooking.

BBQ Gas Conversion Kit

Natural Gas Conversion Kit


Natural gas conversion kit – brass jets, Alloy NG regulator 

Utilise your mains connected Natural gas supply, so you never run out of gas again, with the NG Conversion Kit. Please check that your installation needs to be done by a qualified plumber/gas fitter.

Kit includes 4x main burner injectors, 4x pilot burner injectors,4x Turn down limit plates, instructions, and socket tool.
NG regulator with shut off valve and 2M hose connection to the bayonet outlet fitting

Gas BBQ Rotisserie

Rotisserie Kit for 4 Burner BBQ


Rotisserie kit for 4 Burner BBQ – S/S shaft & prongs IPX4 motor

When you are looking to cook the perfect roast chicken or other large meats, the CROSSRAY 4B Rotisserie Kit is the ideal accessory. Its 240V so just plugs into a standard power point and comes with 2 prongs to easily secure large meats.

Rotisserie Kit Product Manual

Cover for 4 Burner In-Built BBQ


Cover for 4 Burner in-built BBQ – Woven polyester

This heavy duty outdoor cover is perfect to ensure your in-built BBQ lasts you many years.

Kitchen Components

All components of the CROSSRAY Outdoor Kitchens are also available to purchase individually. This includes the cabinets, bench-tops and single fridge.

4 Burner Kitchen Cabinet
4 Burner Series Cabinet


Kitchen Cabinet Ony
Side Cabinet with Double Doors


Outdoor Kitchen Bench Top
Benchtop, Flat, 60mm


Outdoor cabinet sinktop
Benchtop with Moulded Sink & Cover, 60mm


Kitchen Fridge
Single Fridge, 63L


Kitchen Cabinet with Fridge
Side Cabinet with Fridge & Door


Gas Kitchen Kick Board
Kickboard for 4 Burner BBQ Cabinet


Gas Kitchen Kick Board
Kickboard for Double Side/Fridge Cabinet


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Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 100 × 90 × 200 cm

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