Outdoor cooking just became hi-tech thanks Crossray's innovative electric BBQ range

Are electric BBQs as good as gas BBQs

The great Australian pastime of barbecuing conjures up images of friends and family gathered around a sizzling grill, enjoying the warm weather and each other's company. It's a social tradition that has become ingrained in Australian culture, particularly during the summer months as well as for special occasions like Easter, Christmas, and birthdays.

The sound of sausages sizzling on the hotplate, the aroma of marinated steaks cooking, and the clink of glasses as everyone toasts to good times - these are the moments that make a great BBQ. However, one thing that maybe doesn't spring immediately to mind for a lot of Aussies is cooking with an electric BBQ.

While there has traditionally been a debate between charcoal and gas BBQs, in recent years we’ve seen the increasing popularity of electric models – so are they as good as their fuel-fuelled brothers? In this blog post, we'll discuss the differences between electric and gas BBQs from heating performance to overall convenience and control to find out if electric can surpass gas and become the barbecuing medium of choice.

Understanding the differences between electric and gas BBQs

It's fair to say that BBQ aficionados in Australia can be roughly divided into two camps: those who are traditionalists and want to stick with what they know best, and those who are more open-minded and willing to incorporate newer technology into their BBQ cooking methods.

BBQ purists will argue that cooking on a gas-powered BBQ is the only way to go. Then again, there is an even more zealous lot who will say that cooking with hot coals is the only proper BBQ method. And then again, there are those who advocate for a return to the primitive past, spruiking fire pit cooking as the only way to go.

On the other side, there's a growing number of BBQ cooks who are willing to embrace electric BBQs. So are electric barbecues really as good as gas? Let’s take a closer look by breaking down the differences between the two.


Electric BBQs win hands down in this category. Just plug it in and you're ready to go. No fussing around with gas bottles, no need to worry about lighting coals or cleaning up afterward.

Heating Performance

Gas BBQs are typically considered to offer a more even and consistent heat, as well as higher temperatures. There also exists the belief that electric BBQs require lots of preheating. However, the latest Crossray Electric BBQ via the unique high-intensity electric infra-red element technology offers the intensity and consistency of charcoal cooking without all the hassle of the clean-up at the end.

Overall Control

Gas BBQs are typically considered to offer more control over cooking temperatures, as you can adjust the flame height. However, electric BBQs have come a long way in this area too.

Crossray electric BBQ offers a Dual Zone cooking (High/Low, Front/Back) with half grill & hotplate as standard.


When it comes to versatility, electric BBQs definitely have the edge. They can be used in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors, as long as you have access to a power outlet. This makes them ideal for those who want to BBQ all year round, regardless of the weather or living situation. In terms of what you can cook on an electric BBQ, the possibilities are endless. You can grill everything from meat and fish to vegetables and fruits, and even bake or roast with certain electric grills that have added features.

On the other hand, gas BBQs are typically designed for outdoor use and require a gas supply. While they are certainly versatile in terms of the different foods you can cook on them, they are not as flexible in terms of where and how you can use them.

A taste comparison of cooking on electric vs gas BBQs

When it comes to taste, some BBQ purists may argue that cooking over an open flame on a gas BBQ is the only way to get that smoky flavour and charred taste. However, with the latest advancements in technology, electric BBQs can now also deliver a delicious and authentic grilled taste. Cooking food over very high infrared heat helps to trap in moisture, resulting in juicy and flavourful food.

Crossray electric BBQs are equipped with infrared burners capable of reaching very high temperatures quickly. The effect is similar to cooking over red hot coals, so the food turns out charred and full of flavour.

Ultimately, the taste of your BBQ will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of food you're cooking, the seasonings and marinades you use, and your personal preference. However, with the latest advancements in electric BBQ technology, you don't have to sacrifice taste for convenience or energy efficiency.

Final thoughts

When you think about it, the humble BBQ has not really undergone much in the way of technological advancement. That is until now. Electric BBQs are quickly becoming the go-to choice for many people due to their convenience, energy efficiency, versatility, and effortless maintenance. While there are still those purists who swear by cooking on a traditional gas BBQ, the truth is that electric BBQs are now a viable alternative that can deliver great tasting results.

Crossray has reinvented the humble Australian BBQ experience by pioneering a unique high-intensity electric infra-red element technology. This technology allows for more precise temperature control, ensuring high and even heat distribution across the cooking surface.

Moreover, Crossray electric BBQs reduce the dreaded problem of flare-ups, helping to provide juicier, more flavourful BBQ results every time.

With Crossray's advanced technology, cooking on a BBQ is not just about convenience, but also about achieving superior results. With a commitment to innovation that has revolutionised the way Australians enjoy BBQs, Crossray has made it easier and more enjoyable than ever to cook delicious and healthy meals for family and friends.