Is the future of BBQ electric?

Cars were never going to replace horses, until they did.

Aeroplanes weren't going to replace ships, until they did.

Progress is funny like that.

Until something becomes accepted by a majority, it's often met with scepticism. The same could be said for the future of barbecuing.

While electric BBQs have been around for decades, they've often taken a backseat to their traditional gas or charcoal counterparts.

But the future of BBQing might just be electric. here's why:

Flavour. Flavour. Flavour

Cooking food over intense infrared heat is a game-changer. Why? Because it locks in moisture, giving you a succulent and mouth-watering feast.

Enter CROSSRAY electric BBQs. These bad boys come equipped with high-powered infrared burners that reach scorching temperatures in no time. It's like grilling over red-hot coals, without the added effort. The result? Beautifully charred and flavour-packed dishes that will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Performance Plus

BBQ masters know that consistency is key when it comes to grilling. With electric BBQs, you don't need to worry about flare-ups or hot spots. Thanks to infra-red technology, CROSSRAY BBQs provide even heat distribution and fast heating, ensuring evenly cooked and juicy food every time.

Not to mention, the controls are incredibly easy to use so you can adjust the temperature for different types of dishes with ease. A CROSSRAY Electric BBQ with Dual Zone cooking allows for half grill and hotplate options, making it an excellent choice for those in search of both convenience and performance.

Australian company, CROSSRAY, are not just offering another run-of-the-mill electric grill – they're transforming the Australian BBQ experience with their innovative high-intensity electric infra-red element technology. This advancement introduces temperatures exceeding 300°C, rivalling or even surpassing standard gas BBQs. This feature makes it a perfect tool for whipping up pizzas that rival your favorite pizzerias.

Electric Grills Are Convenient

Electric BBQs are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is plug them in, turn them on, and you're ready to cook! No need to refill gas bottles or lug around bags of charcoal. Plus, electric grills are safer than their gas- or charcoal-fuelled counterparts. There are no open flames or hot coals to worry about, just a nice, evenly-heated grilling surface.

Electric Grills Are Eco-Friendly

Electric BBQs are also much more eco-friendly than gas or charcoal grills. They use significantly less energy than their gas counterparts and don't require the burning of fossil fuels like charcoal does. Plus, electric grills produce fewer greenhouse gases (GHGs) than other types of BBQs, making them a greener choice overall.

Electric Grills Are Versatile

Electric BBQs come in all shapes and sizes, from portable models perfect for picnics to traditional charcoal-style grills that can handle large amounts of food. Plus, electric grills are great for both indoor and outdoor cooking, so you can BBQ in all kinds of weather. While the humble charcoal BBQ might be limited to steaks and sausages, electric grills can handle a variety of foods, from delicate fish fillets to succulent vegetables. You can even bake a pizza or two over the hot coals.

No one need feel limited in terms of size anymore when purchasing an electric BBQ. CROSSRAY is launching a new electric BBQ this season that rivals the size of traditional gas barbecues. With two levels and a rotisserie, you can cook even the largest of meats. Imagine the possibilities: juicy roasts, whole chickens, and more, all infused with that irresistible flavour only CROSSRAY's electric infra-red element technology can bring.

Look Good and Feel Good

The days of bulky gas BBQs taking up valuable outdoor space are over. Electric BBQs have a streamlined, modern design that blends in with any outdoor area or patio. Portable models come in handy for those who want to BBQ on-the-go.

The times, they are a-changin'

In the heart of Australia's vibrant cities and sprawling suburbs, the backyard BBQ remains a cherished social ritual. As friends and families gather, the sound of laughter and clinking glasses mingles with the hum of the grill, and the scent of marinated meats wafts through the air. This is where memories are forged and stories are shared. A transition to electric BBQs could be more than just a change in technology; it could mark a new chapter in the way Australians bond over food. Just as smartphones revolutionised communication while maintaining connections, electric BBQs might innovate grilling methods while preserving the camaraderie that defines an Aussie BBQ.

Final thoughts

For those looking for a convenient and efficient way to grill their favourite foods, electric BBQs are quickly becoming the go-to choice. Not only are they energy-efficient and easy to maintain, but they're also incredibly versatile. While some may still prefer the traditional gas BBQ, the truth is that electric BBQs are now a viable alternative that can deliver great-tasting results.

CROSSRAY has reimagined the Australian BBQ experience by pioneering unique high-intensity electric infra-red element technology. This innovation allows for more precise temperature control, ensuring high and even heat distribution across the cooking surface. This not only transforms the cooking process but also holds the key to unlocking richer flavours. CROSSRAY's infra-red technology creates a sealed outer layer that prevents juices from escaping, rendering meats succulent and vegetables vibrant.

So why not embrace the changing times and savour the flavour of progress with electric BBQs?

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