Lift the lid on infrared

BBQ Infrared Technology Can Cook Great Food!

In the beginning of time when early humans first roamed the wilderness an invention came into being that would change the course of history. The BBQ. Forget your flambé. Put away the pressure cooker. The BBQ is the original (and still the best) technology for cooking food ever created. However, what if I told you that the humble BBQ has undergone a revolution of late? That’s right. Finally, after millions of years someone has created a new BBQ. That someone is the team at CROSSRAY. And the new BBQ runs on infrared technology.

Pretty amazing right?

The CROSSRAY team set themselves the challenge to end all challenges: take the simple brilliance of a BBQ and make it even better. What they came up with is truly revolutionary. They wanted to replicate the sensation of cooking over a bed of red hot coals. And they achieved this without all of the mess, inefficiency and flavour loss of a normal BBQ. They did this with infrared technology.

How does it work?

The concept of an infrared BBQ can seem a bit mysterious. However, the way they work is actually remarkably simple. The new BBQ from CROSSRAY features patented ceramic burner technology that outperforms a traditional BBQ. The ability to deliver even heat across the entire BBQ cooking surface, as well as self-cleaning technology is what sets infrared BBQs apart from a traditional BBQ.

But what is infrared technology? - I hear you ask. Infrared is an energy source that’s commonly found in nature. You’re probably already aware that over half the sun’s energy arrives to Earth in the form of invisible infrared rays. This heat energy then gets absorbed by different elements. Think about when you’ve had to make a run for it across the hot sand on the beach on a summer’s day because you forgot your thongs. That heat burning your feet? That’s the result of infrared energy!

The benefits of new infrared BBQs

The verdict is in: infrared BBQs maximize flavour and minimise mess. Cooking with these new BBQs results in reduced cooking time because of their capacity to supply uniform heating. What’s more, by utilising the power of radiant heat to lock moisture in, your food retains all of its flavour profile. This is in direct contrast to cooking on a traditional gas BBQs, which uses more of a convection style. Infrared BBQs cook the food, not the air.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a moisture boundary which envelopes all of your food? This layer of air and water molecules is destroyed during the normal convection-style cooking process on a traditional BBQ. This means your tender, juicy, succulent steaks (and snags, chicken, lamb, etc. – you get the drill) are all dried out by the hot air in your regular BBQ as it cooks. The remarkable thing about barbecuing on an infrared BBQ is that it doesn’t damage the moisture boundary. This means you’ll preserve more of the natural juices of whatever it is you’re cooking on one of these new BBQs. Moist, tender and succulent. This is how your guests will describe your cooking. In short, getting a new infrared BBQ means unlocking a new world of flavour.

You won’t have to worry about your steaks becoming overly crispy on the outside and raw in the middle any longer!

Other benefits

As if better tasting food wasn’t enough, let’s take a look at some of the other great payoffs you get from cooking on a new infrared BBQ:

Less cooking time

Quicker to heat up and more efficient in directing heat energy means infrared BBQs outperform their traditional counterparts in the quickness stakes (steaks!). Two minutes of cooking for each side of your steak. Sound unbelievable? Check it out for yourself.

Less flare ups

Fancy not setting your food on fire? Infrared BBQs greatly reduce incidents of flare ups caused by fat or food particles dropping on open flame. With one of these new BBQs you simply don’t get this phenomenon.

Easy to clean

Here’s a pro-tip: when you’ve finished using your new infrared BBQ, setting the burners to high for 5 – 7 minutes will turn any residual food particles left behind after cooking into ash.

New BBQ, New You

Infrared barbecuing is a little different. You aren’t going to be like the other BBQ chefs in your neighbourhood. However, you’ll also get the amazing results these other cooks simply cannot. We’ll be honest: it’s going to take you a few tries to perfect your infrared BBQ game. However, once you nail it, you’ll never look back.

What the team at CROSSRAY have done is design a new BBQ that gives you the power to cook at higher temperatures than traditional BBQs. For steak lovers this means getting extremely high searing temperatures that can produce restaurant quality steaks.

The higher temperatures of infrared cooking doesn’t mean you burn your food. In fact, a CROSSRAY BBQ also doubles as a pizza oven. Pretty cool, right? That’s because it cooks food evenly from the inside out. This leads to quicker cooking times and significantly less usage of gas and electricity.

With all of these features and benefits, cooking on a CROSSRAY BBQ will leave your friends and family thinking “New BBQ, New You”.