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The Mini Outdoor Kitchen is Changing Everything

How do you take all the greatness of having an outdoor kitchen and make it even better? Simple. You downsize it. Now known as the Great Australian Dream, downsizing is happening right across our fair land. From the way we live, shop and work, downsizing is making a huge difference in the lives of Aussies who still want to have it all, just at a smaller and more affordable level. And the same is true for how we barbecue. Gone are the days of having hulking great outdoor BBQs if we often don’t have the space for them. Enter the new age of the mini outdoor kitchen.

The benefits of mini outdoor kitchens

With all of the features and benefits of their more sizeable compatriots, mini outdoor kitchens also have the added bonus of being super convenient. Perched on castor wheels for ultimate manoeuvrability, mini outdoor kitchens go where its bigger brother can’t. Say you have a smaller outdoor area such as an apartment balcony, courtyard or alfresco area. You don’t want to go taking up too much space with a regular sized outdoor kitchen. Yet you still want to effectively extend your living space outdoors. You still want to enjoy great times entertaining friends and loved ones outside. You still want to look forward to celebrating many a great birthday, Christmas, long weekend or just an enjoyable meal in your new outdoor living area. Well then, a mini outdoor kitchen is just perfect for you.

Elevate your outdoor cooking to a whole new level and add real class to your home with an elegant mini outdoor kitchen. They really can increase the size of your living space outwards. Can’t you just picture it? Entertaining your nearest and dearest outdoors. Mood music is playing in the background. The conversation is flowing and the aromas of sizzling meat wafts through the air as you cook up a storm on your new infrared BBQ.

Which mini outdoor kitchen is best?

The team at CROSSRAY have revolutionized the mini outdoor kitchen. What they have achieved is truly unique. All in the space of 1.3 metres wide and 1.1 metres high they have managed to design something that you will never want to stop using. Featuring a sleek single door fridge, one-piece sintered stone benchtop and under-bench storage, their mini outdoor kitchen really is the complete package. Oh, and let’s not forget about the most truly innovative feature of all: the electric-powered infrared BBQ itself. This truly revolutionary bit of tech is powered by 2 x 750W carbon-fibre infrared elements that provide instant performance.

If you are a neophyte when it comes to infrared cooking, prepare to be enlightened! The concept of an infrared BBQ can seem a bit mysterious. However, the way they work is actually remarkably simple. The ability to deliver even heat across the entire BBQ cooking surface, as well as self-cleaning technology is what sets infrared BBQs apart from a traditional BBQ.

With all of this mind, if you’re still unsure if a mini kitchen is for you why not take a chance and give one a go? What have you got to lose apart from being stuck inside? Investing in a mini kitchen is an investment in your lifestyle and trust what I say is true: it’s so much better doing it outdoors.